TITLE Bahar Sanat Neda Co

Welcome to BAHAR SANAT Neda Co.



BAHAR SANAT has detailed knowledge of HMI's, SCADA systems and all commonly used PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers). The company has a vast depth of knowledge and experience from small company projects to large turn-key installations. Based over 10 years of control and automation experience, BAHAR SANAT works closely with many OEM’s and System integrators around the world, providing expert help at highly competitive prices.Our Activities consists of :

  •   Supply
o Design, Engineering and Assembly of DCS, ESD, PLC , SCADA and Computer control systems
o Design and Manufacturing of Auto Sampler Systems
o supply of Metering systems for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries
o Supply of provers
o Supply of flow computers and metering control systems
o Supply of Ultrasonic flow meters for custody transfer application
o Supply of Helical Turbine flow meters for custody transfer application

  •   Engineering and consulting Services :
o Design, consulting and preparing tender documents for control systems
o Design, consulting and preparing tender documents for metering systems

  •   Site Services
o Metering systems start-up and Calibration and maintenance services
o Provers Water Draw calibration services
o Auto Samplers proving tests
o Control Systems start-up and maintenance services

  •  Training
o Training on Metering systems
o Training on Proving Systems
o Training on Auto Sampler systems
o Training on Control Systems